Our Team

Meet the Team that Makes the Impossible Happen, Every Day

Clarity Innovations is based in Portland, Oregon employing a network of dedicated engineers, experienced content writers, and talented instructional designers that extends across the country.

We’re a band of brave innovators exploring new forms of deepening and extending learning experiences across multiple media platforms. In fact, we view the entire world as a potential classroom, a venue ripe for participatory learning. The key is in connecting with a learner on a meaningful level. To do this, you must engage them with an alternative to the traditional while helping them to unlock new creativity, wonder, or knowledge within themselves.

We are always seeking individuals that share our vision, have passion for education, and are comfortable with working in a dynamic organization that achieves results for our clients and makes a difference for educators.

Zenzi Ali

Quality Assurance Specialist

Agility. Advocacy. Efficiency. Affinity. Amazing things happen when engineering and humanity come together. Zenzi understands the power of high-quality engineering products and their significant role in driving the modern world. But she also understands the need for clear communication when developing and implementing this technology so that it can better serve very human needs such as education. Read more

Frank Anderson

Software Engineer

Making websites scale in terms of usability and performance has always been a part of what Frank does. Frank is an enthusiastic devotee of Drupal, the widely used open source content management system known for its flexibility and versatility at creating a wide range of solutions. Frank applies his deep expertise in the architecture of Drupal to make solutions accessible, responsive and successful. Read more

Dale Basye

Content Developer

Dale is an award-winning writer, author, and content developer with twenty years of professional experience in journalism, advertising, marketing, publishing, technology and education. He’s gifted at providing creative, authoritative content and strategy that spans a diverse range of needs, circumstances, formats and audiences. Read more

Steven Burt

Director of Strategy

Steve oversees the development of new solutions for Clarity's clients. This process typically involves blending research-based practices with emerging technologies. He's paying a lot of attention right now to the education potential of emerging ecosystems as well as how changes in digital publishing are affecting teaching and learning. Having worked with educators and students for over two decades, Steve is skilled in understanding a wide variety of technologies and their application. Read more

Tavia Clark

Client Lead & Producer

Deeply engaged. Voraciously curious. Eager to share. Talks the talk. Walks the walk. Tavia has nearly two decades of invaluable experience in coaching, leading, creating and developing learning experiences using innovative pedagogical methods, and in fostering powerful face-to-face and online learning opportunities. Read more

John Cromett

Client Lead & Producer

With a background in technology spanning nearly 30 years, John brings a range of experiences and demonstrated success in developing software and websites for both children and adults. During this time, he has developed products in consumer, education and business markets, resulting in more than 25 major releases. Read more

Kelly de Vries

Software Engineer

Kelly takes her deep knowledge as a software engineer and deftly merges that with her in-the-trenches experience as a classroom educator and reading specialist. This is why she’s so brilliant at creating technology that helps make learning accessible and engaging for educators and the students they serve. Read more

Lisa Fisher

Learning Experience Designer

With a background in early childhood education and instructional technology, Lisa brings a diverse wealth of knowledge to her position as an instructional designer. In her 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher, Lisa knows first-hand how technology can be used to develop early literacy, math, and science skills. She was a leader in her district for educational technology, writing grants and piloting technology programs in her school. Read more

Jon Fronza

Infrastructure & Systems Manager

Jon maintains all aspects of our technology infrastructure: servers, applications, processes and support. His effort enables us to collaborate, grow and adapt to emerging trends in technology. When he’s not managing Clarity’s infrastructure systems, he advises clients about best practices for system design scale and support. Read more

Jake Green

Graphic Designer

Jake views the creative challenges facing Clarity clients as exciting opportunities to employ his formidable visual communication and problem-solving skills. He treats the design process as a deeply collaborative blend of unique consideration and careful planning, so that his graphic design solutions are always the perfect match for a client’s objectives. Read more

Stacy Hawthorne, Ed.D

Creative Services Manager

How does one manage the multiple forms of design: visual, interactive, learning, user experience, information, and instructional design? Just ask Stacy Hawthorne. She leads our team of creatives and former classroom practitioners and supports them in doing the best work of their careers, designing powerful learning experiences that make a measurable difference in the lives of learners, educators, and the organizations that they serve.

Read more

Jonathan Maier

Client Lead & Producer

For more than 25 years, Jonathan has created groundbreaking educational and entertainment media for children. His early career started in the computer gaming industry as an art director, before designing and producing games for preschool and elementary audiences. Over the years his focus has turned to educational titles and tools for grades K-12, as well as writing and consulting on children’s books and instructional products. Read more

Maya Maier

Software Engineer

Maya specializes in the end-to-end development of elegant and straightforward user interfaces. Her combination of software engineering skills and user interface design skills give her a special perspective on bringing an app or website to life. Maya thoughtfully designs interfaces that won’t confuse or overwhelm users—especially when those users are children still learning how to read. Read more

John Marini

Director of Finance

John works behind the scenes with financial and operational acumen to ensure Clarity's long-term success and growth. When joining Clarity in 2002, John brought with him extensive finance, operations, and customer support management experience within the banking, telecommunications, and e-commerce industries. Read more

A.J. McGladdery

Technical Producer for Quality Assurance

No matter how robust an ed-tech tool may be, if it doesn’t support learning in the trenches (that is to say, in the classroom) then it’s useless. Thank goodness for Clarity’s assurer of maximum technical quality, A.J. McGladdery. Read more

Jeff Ong

Software Engineer

Jeff sees the Web as a vast, digital tool belt: a launching pad for highly functional software that solves problems and reveals new possibilities. That’s why he is dedicated to creating powerful user experiences with every project—for organizations both large and small—that crosses his path. Read more

Allison Parker

Software Engineer

Allison works at the intersection of content, design, and engineering, keeping all of her diverse projects running smoothly with no traffic snarls. Her varied experience has made her something of a liaison between the various Clarity teams and disciplines, giving her unique insights into implementing the visual designs for numerous cutting-edge websites, applications, and learning experiences for our clients. Read more

R. Thor Prichard

President & CEO

Thor Prichard leads Clarity Innovations and its team of education practitioners, designers, and technology professionals using their blended expertise to help clients improve the process and practice of teaching and learning in a global society. Read more

Tim Rayle

Software Engineer

Finding a gifted iOS Software Engineer is one thing. But finding one with a Masters in Education is something else entirely. Clarity struck ed-tech gold when we found Tim! Read more

Emily Russo

Learning Experience Designer

Innovator. Educator. Wonderer. Wanderer. Passion and compassion in equal measure. Emily’s commitment to relevant, accessible, and engaging learning experience spans decades. Her joy in working alongside educators and students is evident in every project she undertakes: helping to instill a lifelong love of learning through the powerful pairing of innovative curriculum and smart technology. Read more

Marc Sandoval

Software Engineer

Marc is comfortable working in a variety of development environments such as Java (Android), C++, JavaScript, HTML and PHP. His engineering expertise is invaluable in Clarity’s mobile apps efforts, as well as supporting the growing number of Drupal web applications we have created.  Read more

Adam Seipel

Learning Experience Designer

Inspirational. Aspirational. Dreamer. Doer. Whatever it takes to make a difference. Adam has devoted the last decade to education in all its forms: in the classroom, in the boardroom, in conferences, and in communities. He views classrooms as sacred places of sharing, where the learning is immersive, and the teacher often learns as much as the student. Read more

Cecilia Singer

Graphic Designer

Cecilia takes complex ideas and communicates them with powerful visuals that engage, educate and inspire. She designs and produces digital and print materials for a wide variety of clients, programs, multifarious uses and media.  Read more

Greg Watson

Engineering Manager

Greg has worked with educators and technology for over fifteen years. He loves the process of learning new technologies and using them to pragmatically solve real-word problems in education: working with educators to understand what they need, communicating possible solutions, and building tools that are simple-to-use. Read more

Simone Wood

Software Engineer

After three years of leading our quality assurance processes, Simone quickly expanded her expertise into software engineering, theming, and accessibility, and now serves as one of our full-time software engineers. Simone is involved in a variety of client projects, contributing to the coding, debugging, and troubleshooting the solutions we build for clients. Read more