Our Team

Meet the Team that Makes the Impossible Happen, Everyday

Clarity Innovations is based in Portland, Oregon employing a network of dedicated engineers, experienced content writers, and talented instructional designers that extends across the country.

We’re a band of brave innovators exploring new forms of deepening and extending learning experiences across multiple media platforms. In fact, we view the entire world as a potential classroom, a venue ripe for participatory learning. The key is in connecting with a learner on a meaningful level. To do this, you must engage them with an alternative to the traditional while helping them to unlock new creativity, wonder, or knowledge within themselves.

R. Thor Prichard

President & CEO

As President and CEO of Clarity Innovations, Thor Prichard leads a team of professionals with the unique expertise necessary to transform the process and practices of education. His effort is focused on working towards a vision for both teaching and learning in a global society by matching promising technologies with the needs of education. Thor makes it easy for clients to understand and apply concepts that increase the effectiveness of technology kids use to enrich their learning. Read more about R. Thor Prichard

Steven Burt

Director of Strategy

Steve has worked for Clarity Innovations since 2002 and is currently the Director of Strategy. He oversees development of new solutions for Clarity's clients which typically involves blending research-based practices with emerging technologies. Read more about Steven Burt

Stefanie Hausman

Content Manager

Stefanie creates online tools and resources for K-12 teachers and students. For the last two decades, she has had a variety of teaching, teacher training, and curriculum development experiences in the United States and internationally. Read more about Stefanie Hausman

John Marini

Finance & Operations Manager

John works behind the scenes with financial and operational acumen to ensure Clarity's long-term success and growth. When joining Clarity in 2002, John brought with him extensive finance, operations, and customer support management experience within the banking, telecommunications, and e-commerce industries. Read more about John Marini

Jon Fronza

Infrastructure & Systems Manager

If it plugs in, then it’s probably Jon’s responsibility. As our Infrastructure & Engineering Manager, Jon maintains all aspects of our technology infrastructure: servers, applications, processes and support. His effort enables us to collaborate, grow and adapt to emerging trends in technology. When he’s not leading our engineering team, he advises clients about best practices for system design scale and support. Read more about Jon Fronza

Greg Watson

Engineering Manager

Greg has a knack for thinking through a problem from several perspectives. His background in systems thinking, technology management, software engineering and user support makes him a natural at using and developing solutions with Drupal. Read more about Greg Watson

Frank Anderson

Software Engineer

Making websites scale in terms of usability and performance has always been a part of what Frank does. Frank is a deft, dedicated devotee of Drupal, the widely used open source content management system known for its flexibility and versatility at creating a wide range of solutions. Frank applies his deep expertise in the architecture of Drupal to make solutions accessible, responsive and successful. Read more about Frank Anderson

Dale Basye

Content Developer

Dale is an award-winning writer, author, and creative director with over twenty years of professional experience in both the journalistic and advertising arenas. His specialty is creating dynamic and relevant multimedia experiences for children and has worked with Quaker, Nestle, Lucasfilm, the Oregon Department of Health, Lego, Portland Public Schools, Mattel, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and Portland State University to develop and implement a number of programs and campaigns for young people. Read more about Dale Basye

John Cromett

Client Lead

John designs and builds award-winning education solutions. As a Client Lead for Clarity John collaborates with clients to understand their context and priorities to establish meaningful objectives. He has a knack for bringing innovative ideas into focus and turning them into tangible results. This is due in part to his considerable experience working at the intersection of technology and education. Read more about John Cromett

Dumar Daniel

Software Engineer

Who makes good software great? And great software even, well… greater? That would be Dumar Daniel. For Clarity, Dumar puts his skills to use in mobile application development for Windows 8 and Chrome devices, as well as analyzing, troubleshooting and improving internal systems and APIs. Read more about Dumar Daniel

Julia Fischer

Professional Development Strategist

Julia is an educator turned Professional Development Strategist for Clarity. As a middle school classroom teacher using innovative teaching methods led to her first roles as an educational trainer.  From there she moved into a district level position where she oversaw professional development from the educational technology department.  Over the years Julia has worked, as an instructional designer designing, planning and implementing online learning experiences to meet professional development needs. Read more about Julia Fischer

Lisa Fisher

Instructional Designer

Lisa is an instructional designer with a background in early childhood education and instructional technology. She specializes in educational technology solutions to develop early literacy, math, and science skills. After completing her undergraduate education in Portland Oregon, Lisa moved to New York City and worked as a school Technology Coordinator while completing her Master’s program at Columbia University. Read more about Lisa Fisher

Tod Johnston

Content Developer

If experience is the best teacher, than Tod Johnston’s experience as a teacher makes him one of Clarity’s most valuable assets. While serving as an educator in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District, Tod initially spent his summer vacation working with Clarity on a variety of content development projects before officially joining our team after teaching in the classroom for nearly ten years.

Read more about Tod Johnston

Jonathan Maier

Producer / Client Lead

Jonathan has a 20-year track record of bringing groundbreaking educational software and media to market. As a producer and client lead, he uses product and team management expertise to deliver on our clients' project needs. From conception to implementation, he’s a catalyst for innovation and creative problem solving, advocating for end-users and their requirements, be they fun, functional or both. Jonathan creates a generous atmosphere where collaboration and consensus are key. Read more about Jonathan Maier

Luke D. Maier

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer, Luke develops engaging applications for education. He works with a large variety of different environments and technologies, adapting to the needs of a project. Luke also supports our projects with his creative approach to quality assurance testing, documentation, and streamlining the automation of tasks.

Read more about Luke D. Maier

Meighan Maloney

Client Lead/Producer

Meighan has twenty years experience developing, writing and producing primetime broadcasts, and nationally distributed educational, professional development and training programs. With a background as an educator and experience as a media producer, her strength lies in understanding how to move complex content into appropriate media platforms, while creating compelling stories. Previously, she served as Series Manager for the Emmy Award-winning PBS series NEWTON'S APPLE and as Executive Producer for Educational Media at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Read more about Meighan Maloney

Elizabeth Marquis

Graphic Designer

Every line, every shape, and every color that Elizabeth employs to create her startling works of intuitive, user-friendly design come with over 17 years of experience as a graphic designer/art director. During her career, she has provided surefooted design and art direction across multiple disciplines—including mobile, web, print, and environments—for small design shops, nonprofit start-ups, and advertising agencies.

Read more about Elizabeth Marquis

Allison Parker

Technical Producer

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Allison boasts an insatiable curiosity for all things ed-tech. Whether it’s comprehensive research into an exciting new platform, digging deeper to connect a client with the ultimate solution, or supporting her team into taking the next big idea from the whiteboard to the classroom, Allison keeps track of the many details that can make or break an initiative: all while never taking her eyes off the Big Picture. Read more about Allison Parker

Jess Sanders

Instructional Designer

From STEM to stern, Jess Sanders is a teacher: eager and adept at communicating the complex in ways that not only help an audience to understand, but to truly—deeply—learn. As an Instructional Designer Jess contributes to a wide variety of projects: translating pedagogical research and practice into instructional curriculum specifically crafted to produce desired learning outcomes. Read more about Jess Sanders

Marc Sandoval

Software Engineer

Marc is a veritable techno-linguist, speaking a variety of development environments such as Java (Android), C++, JavaScript, HTML and PHP fluently. He is so versatile, in fact, that he can even speak Tenor Saxophone and Spanish. Perhaps even at the same time. Marc’s engineering expertise is invaluable in Clarity’s new mobile apps efforts, as well as supporting the growing number of Drupal web applications we've created.  Read more about Marc Sandoval

Cecilia Singer

Graphic Designer

With a keen eye (two of them, actually), Cecilia is a genius at synthesizing complex ideas and communicating them with powerful visuals that engage, educate and inspire. For Clarity, Cecilia designs and produces digital and print materials for a wide variety of clients, programs, multifarious uses and media.  Read more about Cecilia Singer

Simone Wood

Technical Producer

Simone Wood is Clarity’s reigning Queen of QA, as well as our go-to for Drupal maintenance and theming support. A recent graduate of Portland, Oregon’s Reed College, Simone is well versed in a smorgasbord of education technologies. In addition, her insatiable hunger for learning had Simone teaching herself JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Simone also has invaluable classroom experience as a former assistant teacher: leading group activities in a 1st grade classroom. Read more about Simone Wood