A digital publishing architecture design and workflow solution for multiple devices, designed specifically for the needs of teachers

Strategic guidance helps a district-wide instructional technology professional development initiative to reap real-world results

A web platform development project paired with an integrated product element resulted in increased extensibility and maximized SEO

Smart strategy and an intuitive website redesign unite for comprehensive communication and collaboration tools to empower educators

A district-wide website strategy and community engagement redesign for improved ease-of-use and community engagement

Helping to define and implement a sweeping instructional taxonomy of common concepts for grades 11-14

Partnering for an industry-leading information architecture and app design to help feed tomorrow’s mobile devices

A comprehensive review and deep audit led to a dynamic mobile learning strategy for comprehensive interactive instruction

Ongoing consultation and implementation to help spur academic innovation through enhanced collaboration with an environment for education professionals to share training methodologies

A mobile product launch strategy and technical review merged to help bring about the next-generation of science-based learning

A self-guided professional development workshop highlights best practices from research on creativity in education

Comprehensive research, shrewd strategy and design combined for an expertly tailored web experience

Seamlessly integrating product strategy and technology into classroom instruction through a smart, forward-thinking mobile strategy

Extensive 21st-century literacy assessments aligned to an ambitious array of national and state standards

A mobile learning-focused website and platform redesign made to inform educators so that they can teach and inspire

A meticulous evaluation assessment results in a sound web strategy and innovative online learning community

A strategic curriculum assessment and flexible design expanded opportunity while providing educators with vital resources

Developing a rich and intuitive free resource aggregator for parents, students, and teachers who—though unfamiliar to technology—seek to incorporate it in their daily lives.

Ongoing consultation and implementation of innovation authoring a library of teacher professional development resources on project-based learning

A product market review, strategic realignment and web-based solution worked in sync with sound strategy

A dynamic web-based community resource and checkout system for seamless function and education transformation

Developing a digital go-to-market strategy fueled by comprehensive competitive analysis for a sweeping website relaunch

A Mobile app development project brings instructional manipulatives online with phenomenal results

A rapid development content management system for a vibrant and engaged online community devoted to 21st century skills

A comprehensive Drupal development project to scale phenomenally responsive professional development collaboration

Making a custom online learning course and platform solution for english-language learners sleeker, smarter and more usable

An online professional learning community designed specifically for sharing, seamless collaboration, and communication

A robust backend data collection and reporting system for a dynamic online curriculum to help at-risk teens succeed

A blended learning-focused online community shaped by shrewd program design and made to share

Seeing beyond bright shiny objects to understand the driving forces of emerging market trends

Ongoing consultation and implementation to amplify academic innovation through exemplary unit plans that integrate technology into classroom projects