Delivering an online platform that transforms curriculum development, licensing, and distribution 

Designing and producing interactive training videos for paraeducators in K-12 schools across the US.

Creating an interactive online planning tool that provides educators with guidance and flexibility as they plan projects.

Providing students with easy access to activities and resources designed to accommodate a variety of instructional scenarios at home.

Developing equitable leadership through post-observation actionable feedback supports.

An engaging summary of recent research to help today's school leaders transform education to benefit learners of the future.

Creating pedagogically relevant and engaging collaborative teaching and learning experiences for My Minecraft Journey: Education Edition.

Creating a collection of lessons that introduce computer science to across content areas and grade levels without complexity.

Providing a platform with gated access to premium resources and online learning

Utilizing analytics, inclusive design, and interaction to redesign a website and improve user experience.

Supporting play-based learning through STEM activities and instructional scaffolding for early learners.

A comprehensive program for onboarding educators to a range of creativity tools across grades and content areas.

Showcasing teacher successes with powerful vignettes that speak to a diverse range of products, use cases, contexts, content areas, and grade levels.

Creating dynamic self-guided learning experiences on Artificial Intelligence and making Future Ready Librarians. 

Understanding user needs and designing a community homepage based on clear user flows and marketing objectives.

Guidance on an effective approach to integration with Google Classroom based on live demo accounts and use case walk-throughs.

Helping educators integrate use of Adobe Spark by engaging them with a collection of real classroom examples.

Creating a technology-integrated curriculum based on student self-direction and choice.

Integrating standards-based STEM activities into a leading science curriculum for grades 3-8.

Developing an inquiry-driven, project-based pilot curriculum to cultivate interest by high school educators and students in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Equipping a professional development solution with the dynamic sales enablement tools it needed to make a splash.

A framework for shaping long-term strategies as an educational non-profit expands their integration with technology.

A redesigned web experience providing educators easier access to key resources and best practices.

Taking the professional learning community to the next level, allowing instructional coaches to foster, support, and enrich educators’ understanding of mathematical strategies.

Helping educators to see how smartly designed learning spaces create a more engaging experience for students and instructors alike.

A cross disciplinary standards-based curriculum that engages elementary students in aquaponic gardening inside their own classrooms.

Providing a legacy for high-quality curricular and professional development materials while making them open and available to all educators.

A reimagined web experience based on careful research and authentic education user personas.

Solving the user experience and instructional design challenges of publishing a curriculum for both print- and digital-based classroom instruction.

Enhance student practice problems with virtual manipulatives and responsive tools that work on any interactive whiteboard or touchscreen device

A community-based learning platform for educators highlights best practices for ongoing professional development in education technology.

A self-guided online learning experience to understand the role of design thinking in teaching interdisciplinary STEAM.

An adaptable website giving teachers a dynamic new way to connect, share and grow

A comprehensive guide of mini-lessons, design challenges, tips and tricks to help educators use littleBits in any classroom.

A unique platform for learning how to enrich teacher instruction to foster students’ understanding of mathematical strategies.

The professional development materials necessary to support a $300 million donation to the national ConnectED initiative

A self-guided professional development workshop highlights best practices from research on creativity in education

A web platform development project paired with an integrated product element resulted in increased extensibility and maximized SEO

Comprehensive research, shrewd strategy and design combined for an expertly tailored web experience

A strategic curriculum assessment and flexible design expanded opportunity while providing educators with vital resources

A Mobile app development project brings instructional manipulatives online with phenomenal results

A mobile product launch strategy and technical review merged to help bring about the next-generation of science-based learning

A digital publishing architecture design and workflow solution for multiple devices, designed specifically for the needs of teachers