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Learning in Motion: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Children are natural born storytellers. And they love to trade their tales like currency: whether their own stories or through sharing new concepts or discoveries.

This is why digital storytelling has become such a popular tool for today’s students and educators alike. Digital storytelling allows students to:

•  Convey their ideas through the media they themselves most enjoy: video

•  Create personal stories and statements that can be shared beyond the classroom

•  Provide feedback and interaction Read more about Learning in Motion: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Pokémon GO to School?

I’m a fan of geocaching for the very reason that my son, Jonas, agrees to go on an “adventure” (we can’t call it a “hike”) if it involves geocaching. On the trails, we look for hidden treasures, usually little plastic chachkes. The other day, while driving home from the store, Jonas asked me to drop him off a few blocks from our house so he could play Pokémon GO. Since he won’t even walk the dog a few blocks, I agreed. Read more about Pokémon GO to School?

Gamification in Higher Education

In September 2009, Lee Sheldon, a video game writer and designer-turned-college-professor at Indiana University, decided to try something different with his game design course. In Sheldon’s class, students needed to earn “experience points” to build their “score” up from zero towards a passing grade. The system mirrored video game scoring, where players start at zero and “level up” by completing missions, collecting coins, etc. Read more about Gamification in Higher Education

Opening Up to Open Educational Resources

“There is the possibility for open practice to allow students to more directly own their own learning in a broader sense. Openness in learning can help students to be more collaborative, more proactive and more independent, skills that will benefit all of us beyond just the walls of school.”

-Karen Fasimpaur, educational consultant for K12 Open Ed

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that are freely available online for everyone to use and can be remixed, revised, and redistributed at no cost.  Read more about Opening Up to Open Educational Resources

From Reluctant to Triumphant: Turning Wary Writers into Writing Winners

Part Two: Reaching Auditory Learners

A reluctant writer comes in many guises: a student who is good at telling stories but lacks the skill (or desire) to put them down on paper; someone who is never satisfied with what they write; a poor speller; someone who thinks that writing is just grammar and rules; someone who abandons their writing easily; or someone who is simply scared to push themselves or risk appearing foolish.   Read more about From Reluctant to Triumphant: Turning Wary Writers into Writing Winners

What I learned at the GDC Education Summit

As a part of our research into gaming and education, I was sent to the GDC Edsummit . GDC is the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The conference has sessions that focus on several aspects of the game development industry: Engineering, Creative, Production, Audio, Business, and Marketing. This is an industry wide event with over 26,000 in attendance this year. Read more about What I learned at the GDC Education Summit

Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces

If you don’t go the gym, attend yoga classes, ride a bike, or play kickball, then what do you do on your free time? While some people are realizing the importance of moving and leading an active lifestyle, many of us are (and will always be) victims of “sitting disease”. Writing about the importance of and possibilities for active learning, has made me rethink my own lifestyle and spatial choices. Read more about Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces