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Digital Organization

While I was growing up getting ready for school meant setting up your new Trapper Keeper, and then throughout the year it meant keeping everything neat and organized.  If you missed notes – you just had to copy them from a friend and if there was an article from a magazine or newspaper- you cut it out and put it in a folder within your notes, or glued it to a sheet of paper so you could add your own annotation. Everything related to school was in your binder and you took great care to protect it. Read more about Digital Organization

Why Should Girls Code?

Girls Who Code is a non-profit organization that provides after school and summer programs for girls interested in computer programming. Their web site notes that women currently represent 12% of all computer science graduates, but in 1984, they represented 37% of all computer science graduates. This is remarkable, since that period saw personal computers make programming more accessible, and also saw the number of female college graduates surpass the number of male graduates. Read more about Why Should Girls Code?

Hi-Tech, Mid-Tech, Low-Tech: The Personalized 21st Century Classroom

Although the idea of personalized learning has been around for a long time, the availability of technology has made it more practical for today’s classrooms. Teachers who have been working in traditionally teacher-centered environments are now thinking about how technology can make their classrooms more personalized, leading to more engaged students and improved academic achievement. Read more about Hi-Tech, Mid-Tech, Low-Tech: The Personalized 21st Century Classroom

A Day in the Life of a Personalized Learner

Let’s follow Richard, a middle school digital native whose school has adopted a personalized approach to learning. 

8:00—Richard wakes up to an alarm from his smartphone charging next to his bed and checks his reminders. He notes that he has an English project due in two days and that he needs to check with his friend Chris in his science class today about their genetics’ experiment. Read more about A Day in the Life of a Personalized Learner

Five ways to bring “maker education” to your classroom

Here in Portland the Mini Maker Faire has arrived at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). An annual fun-fest of tinkering and creating, the Maker Faire celebrates hands-on, informal learning. Maker education combines problem-solving, creativity, and engineering with an ethos of sustainable re-use, playfulness, and social value. Some emphasize the Maker Movement’s links to shop class and a renewed appreciation of trade and technical skills. Read more about Five ways to bring “maker education” to your classroom