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Digital Reading

There’s no question that the concept of literacy is undergoing a transformation in the 21st century. We are all consuming more information through multimedia instead of just through text. And the text we encounter is more and more likely to be digital than print-based. Read more about Digital Reading

EdTech Leaders in Oregon

A recent Clarity Content Team meeting started with a quick Whip Around: What is inspiring you recently? My answer didn’t require much thought. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre. The experience was definitely inspiring, giving me a window into all the great work being done in Oregon schools and leaving me with a full brain. Read more about EdTech Leaders in Oregon

Choosing the Right Tools

Type “best tech tools for education” into a Google query and you’ll be bombarded with Top 10 lists broadcasting the latest must-have tools for the classroom. Browse through education sections of app stores and you’ll encounter an eye-opening number of apps promising to enhance teaching and learning. Without a doubt, many of these tools are potentially game-changing, redefining the way teachers and students operate. Read more about Choosing the Right Tools

Screencasting on Android

The other day I had to make a short screencast video highlighting a refreshed version of the Learning in Context: Concept Mapping app Clarity will soon be releasing on Android. Browser and desktop tools make screencasting an easy endeavor on a Chromebook or PC, but with an Android tablet, I struggled initially to locate an appropriate tool.  Read more about Screencasting on Android

Digital Organization

While I was growing up getting ready for school meant setting up your new Trapper Keeper, and then throughout the year it meant keeping everything neat and organized.  If you missed notes – you just had to copy them from a friend and if there was an article from a magazine or newspaper- you cut it out and put it in a folder within your notes, or glued it to a sheet of paper so you could add your own annotation. Everything related to school was in your binder and you took great care to protect it. Read more about Digital Organization