Maya Maier

Software Engineer

Maya specializes in the end-to-end development of elegant and straightforward user interfaces. Her combination of software engineering skills and user interface design skills give her a special perspective on bringing an app or website to life. Maya thoughtfully designs interfaces that won’t confuse or overwhelm users—especially when those users are children still learning how to read. At the same time, she uses her software engineering knowledge to make sure the user interface can be efficiently developed. And when it comes time for implementation, Maya’s understanding of the entire process helps her identify and smooth any rough edges in the user experience.


Maya has worked in a large number of technical roles over the last decade, handling everything from development, to quality assurance, to user documentation, to end-user support. This has given her broad experience with a wide variety of ways people interact with technology. She applies that experience to making software accessible and easy to understand. She follows the endless evolution of the JavaScript ecosystem and its increasingly-powerful capabilities, with a particular interest in sophisticated visual and auditory experiences, such as virtual reality and educational games.