Common Sense Media

Brand, Market & Web Strategy

Comprehensive research, shrewd strategy, and intentional design combined for an expertly tailored web experience for educators.


This non-profit was founded to provide trustworthy information so that families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume. Over time, the organization has developed an expanding set of tools, not only supporting families, but also including a collection of media and technology resources specifically for educators. While in the planning stages of a major upgrade to their website, the Common Sense team began to realize the need to branch off the educator-focused portion of their materials to provide a user experience specifically tailored to the needs of the education market.


We were hired by Common Sense Media to provide the expertise necessary to draft, review, and consult about a web strategy through its definition and design requirements. During the process, a lot of branding questions came up, so we developed a branding proposal and recommendations, and the Common Sense Media executive team accepted it: To market themselves as Common Sense Education for their education related offerings. Next came a Market Requirement document and product release plan, where we looked at the competition, trends, core competencies and primary user persona, as well as a product requirements design prototype.