American Institutes for Research

Mobile App for Classroom Observations

Developing equitable leadership through actionable feedback on a mobile-first platform.


Collaborating with our partner, The EdCatalyst Group, we worked with the American Institutes for Research (AIR), to develop a web application as part of a new program focused on K-12 leadership and equity. This project included developing a mobile-first web app combining research-based best practices around instructional feedback observation, school leadership development, and equity to create a scalable solution that could serve as a companion to their face-to-face and hybrid program.


To achieve their timetable for launching the app to accompany their professional services, we used a research-based, persona-driven rapid-development approach to create the LIFT: Leadership Instructional Feedback Tool. Working collaboratively with EdCatalyst Group and AIR, we iterated on several earlier designs and workflows and tailored the web-based mobile app to utilize several of the protocols developed for school leaders and coaches. While built as a web application, the tool is optimized for use on mobile phones, with all the affordances of a touch interface.

LIFT (Leadership Instructional Feedback Tool) is quick and mobile way for leaders to access ideas and short lessons.