Maier Math Foundation

Journeys in Visual Mathematics Website

Creating a self-guided interactive learning experience to explain key concepts of mathematics using visual models.


The Maier Math Foundation (MMF) wished to update and build on the work of Dr. and Professor Gene Maier, co-founder of The Math Learning Center. Specifically, they wanted to revive his early web presentation, “A Play on Numbers,” which gathered his work on visualizing mathematics into a cohesive storyline. In the re-envisioned version, MMF required a website that was highly visual and included interactive experiences throughout, so readers could learn—first hand—that math can be a meaningful, personal, and joyful experience. These requirements meant employing many existing conceptual models as well as providing the means to build custom interactions tailored to specific content.


We helped define and architect, then design and build the Journeys in Visual Mathematics website that enabled MMF to author and publish a series of articles grouped by sequential mathematical topics. We created graphics, integrated several existing MLC virtual manipulative apps to work in context, and used Tumult Hype, an HTML5 animation platform, to create videos and interactive presentations. In addition, many of the articles were collaborated on and co-authored by our Learning Experience Designers. The resulting website promotes and inspires mathematical exploration, guiding teachers, parents, students, and other interested learners along the road of number sense development.