Adobe Systems

Educator Onboarding Program

A comprehensive program for onboarding educators to a range of creativity tools across grades and content areas.


Adobe had conducted research which showed that their software was underutilized in the middle school and high school grade levels. Originally, they thought they needed to offer an on-boarding to the Creative Cloud apps, but after the research findings showed how little time teachers have and how overwhelmed they already are, Adobe realized that teachers need some easy wins and so were open to using Adobe Spark apps as they took steps towards more integrated Creative Cloud usage.    


Our team worked closely with Adobe to create a program to guide K-12 educators into successful integration of Adobe Spark apps into their classrooms and curricula. This included writing and building a series of three 90-minute self-guided online workshops, as well as a face-to-face version of these workshops. Additionally, we led a series of monthly best practices webinars for classroom educators.