CORE Learn

Designing the digital pedagogy for a new literacy instruction product

The expertise necessary to help refresh and reinvent an online learning experience based on best practices.


CORE Learn first launched the Online Elementary Reading Academy (OERA) to supplement its face-to-face professional development services offered to schools. More than five years later, through feedback collected from customers and the advancement in research and best practices in reading literacy, CORE Learn desired to extensively revise their offering. Like before with the math projects, they had a deep bench of expertise in the science of reading and ambitious goals for the overhaul of OERA and needed a team with expertise in digital pedagogy, instructional design, and rapid prototyping. They turned to Clarity Innovations to deliver. 


Our first step to the work was setting up a content development workflow so that their team of multiple stakeholders could review and approve the content and instructional design prior to the elearning production phase. From there, we consulted with their team of experts and provided guidance, recommendations, and examples of different instructional design approaches to create an online learning experience aligned with digital pedagogy best practices to help rethink the scope and sequence of the overall experience. This helped CORE Learn see an opportunity to pivot and build out an entirely new product with enhanced functionality and flexibility going far beyond the original OERA. Without skipping a beat, we began the work of rapid development, providing instructional design and elearning and animated video production of nine modules in time for piloting — all in just three months. The result became the Online Language & Literacy Academy (OL&LA).

Quote from educator: I thought this course was well laid out and very practical. I love the discussions, videos, classroom, and the books. I think it will greatly impact my teaching, especially with the assessments.