CORE Learn

Refined interactive learning experiences

Producing three polished and easy-to-use interactive courses about math pedagogy backed by sound instructional design.


CORE Learn wanted to expand its offerings about math pedagogy after validating the value and efficacy of the online learning experience we created at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Feedback from learners confirmed many of the limitations of the initial course and its hosting platform. Knowing we have expertise in tailoring online learning experiences and platforms, CORE Learn turned to Clarity to partner again and help them improve the overall learning experience and production process.


We started by evaluating their existing LMS to identify and implement improvements to its usability, navigation, learning analytics, and overall user experience. We then identified a better course authoring tool to improve the content development process and quality of the learning experience. While their subject matter experts began writing the new courses, we advised and consulted on online instructional design best practices and provided revisions and recommendations about accessibility and universal design for learning (UDL) guidelines. We then produced the first course, creating and formatting the interactive elements and integrating features from the LMS and training them on the production workflow. From there, we then assisted their team with the further development, piloting, and publishing of two additional courses.