New and Enhanced Interactive Videos

Designing and producing interactive training videos for para-educators in K-12 schools across the US.


The CEO at 321insight wanted to launch fresh and relevant videos in 2021, but it was late October 2020, and she had a strict budget and no internal bandwidth for project work. She was hoping for both wholly new videos and also enhancements to selections from their existing catalog, and was looking to execute these initiatives during typical seasonal holiday "downtime.”

This meant finding a group she could trust—one that understands 321insight's audience (paraeducators in K-12 schools across the US) and the ways they work with students; one that offers both learning experience design and video production and animation capabilities, as well as overall project management; one that can bring something “next level” to online video-based content; and finally, one that can take 321insight's previous ways of presenting information—with subject matter experts serving as live, on-screen talent—and figure out alternatives given COVID-19 pandemic-era production constraints.


Clarity Innovations designed and produced new interaction layers for seven of 321insight's ParaSharp videos using H5P. Now, educators who stream these H5P-enhanced videos also interact with in-screen, in-video prompts and items that we created to drive and reinforce learning.

We also produced from scratch 321insight's new video series about social and emotional learning (SEL), again taking advantage of H5P to make the video-based learning even more engaging and the ideas in the videos extra-sticky. For the new video series, we created the accompanying quiz items, summaries, and discussion guides as well.

Our instructional design around methods for supporting K-12 students in developing SEL competencies brought a new approach and structure for 321insight. As friends, relatives, and former colleagues of K-12 para-educators, and also as learning design professionals, we wanted to be sure the SEL videos defined clear and actionable next-step strategies for working with students every day.

We created interactive training videos for 321insight.
Videos covered a variety of topics on social and emotional learning.