Engineering Insights from Our Elementary Classroom Visit


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By seeing our apps in action, our engineering team witnessed the genuine enthusiasm and creativity exhibited by students, gaining valuable appreciation of learning experience design.

Never Underestimate the Value of Real Life Use in the Classroom

Imagine the excitement of witnessing something you created come to life, being utilized by elementary students. The opportunity to see it in action offers invaluable insights that go far beyond what any anecdotal feedback can provide. Our software engineers recently had this opportunity and wanted to share some highlights from their experience and how it shapes our approach to creating effective learning apps.

Clarity’s software engineers paid a visit to W.L. Henry Elementary School in Hillsboro, Oregon to see the Math apps we created for Math Learning Center in action. Bodie Wood, our former intern, is married to Kadysha Wood, a dual language 2nd grade teacher at the school. She organized a visit to see how the students use our apps in a real classroom setting.

As expected, observing authentic classroom usage of any app proved to be highly valuable. It gave our software engineers insights into future feature and interface adjustments based on students' interactions with the apps. For many engineers, it marked their first return to a classroom since the COVID-19 pandemic. These experiences greatly contribute to our ability to better align our apps with the needs of both students and educators.