Dei Biddy

Dei Biddy

Software Engineer

Q: Which type of person knows the most? A: The one that knows that there’s always more to know! 

Dei Biddy is fascinated by math, technology, and the infinite possibilities of what happens when ingenuity meets engineering.

Whether it’s front-end, back-end, architectural design, or quality assurance, Dei is committed to creating smart, elegant, and efficient experiences for Clarity’s clients and their users.


After an intensive 15-week bootcamp focusing on full-stack software development with The Tech Academy, Dei worked in an Agile environment supporting a complex internal website design. Later, he served as a Test Technician with Novus Labs, performing regression testing and cataloging thorough reports to assist developers with issues and additions.

Dei also has a knack for hobby-programming, doing AI both programming for and has utilized a variety of technologies to create an open source, web-based version of the game Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin. Dei has also worked on movie lookup sites, address book databases, and bill scheduling programs.

Education and/or certifications held

  • The Tech Academy Bootcamp
  • Math and Computer Science Major, Portland Community College