Instructional Content Design

Preparing Your Content Strategy For The Future

Whether for educators, administrators, students, trainers, or end-users, Clarity develops content with your audience in mind. We have a wealth of education experience as classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, and product developers, so we understand how to make learning via technology meaningful—for resources, lesson plans, or even an entire curriculum.

Clarity gives your content meaning and reach by:

  • Analyzing current distribution methods
  • Recommending interactive content and assessment strategies
  • Developing information frameworks and implementation

Whether it’s a custom online course, a comprehensive eLearning curriculum, a succinct multimedia demo, or a dynamic app, we develop accessible solutions that engage on multiple levels, while making it easy for educators to integrate into daily instructional practices.

Examples from our portfolio

Extensive 21st-century literacy assessments aligned to an ambitious array of national and state standards

A comprehensive guide of mini-lessons, design challenges, tips and tricks to help educators use littleBits in any classroom.

The professional development materials necessary to support a $300 million donation to the national ConnectED initiative

Helping to define and implement a sweeping instructional taxonomy of common concepts for grades 11-14