Customer Engagement

Cultivating Meaningful Learning and Growth

Clarity delivers solutions that foster deep learning and stunning collaboration. We’ve helped clients go from having no online community to hosting sites that tens of thousands of enthusiastic  educators visit every month.

We’ve created engaging customer experiences that allow users to:

  • Direct how and to what degree they participate
  • Search and contribute resources such as best practices, presentations, or videos
  • Subscribe to calendars of upcoming group events
  • Easily ask questions
  • Communicate and collaborate with their peers via discussion posts

Whether a learning community or professional development tools, everything we build encourages audiences to participate and take action, ensuring long-term value.

"Oregon has outstanding educators working in classrooms all across the state. The Oregon Educator Network helps educators connect, collaborate, and take their professional learning to the next level. By sharing best practice and expanding proven programs, we can empower educators and better support student success."

former Deputy Superintendent, Oregon Department of Education

Examples from our portfolio

A redesigned web experience providing educators easier access to key resources and best practices.

A community-based learning platform for educators highlights best practices for ongoing professional development in education technology.

A reimagined web experience based on careful research and authentic education user personas.

Creating pedagogically relevant and engaging collaborative teaching and learning experiences for My Minecraft Journey: Education Edition.