Microsoft Corporation

Online Leadership Course Development

An engaging summary of recent research to help today's school leaders transform education to benefit learners of the future.


Microsoft wanted to help school leaders utilize recent research results and data to inform the leaders’ vision and strategy for improving student achievement. Microsoft had enlisted The Economist Intelligence Unit to study the future of education from varying perspectives. This research was compiled into multiple studies including The Class of 2030 and Life-ready Learning. Microsoft needed to develop and launch an online course to provide an overview of the research, trends and opportunities, and outline methods leaders can use to implement the research findings.


We provided the digital pedagogy, instructional design, and education expertise to synthesize and publish an engaging, self-guided online course that focused on:

  • the evolving nature of teaching and learning;
  • how technology improves teaching and learning;
  • skills and abilities essential for the future; and,
  • the transformational power of personalizing learning experiences.

We began by synthesizing research findings from multiple studies and compiling these into a high level outline for course content. Then we developed course content to allow school leaders to dive deeper into research findings, explore real world examples, and maximize their learning into actionable change to benefit learners of the future.  

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