Computer Science Lessons Collection

Creating a collection of lessons that introduce computer science to across content areas and grade levels without complexity.


With the growing popularity of “learning to code,” the K-12 education market has collectively realized that computer science is an essential content area that should permeate instruction at every grade level. While Sphero products are ideal for developing computational thinking skills and scaling adoption and implementation beyond individual “early adopter” educators, the free curricular resources available on the Sphero Edu app are not designed in a sequence for educators and students to use when getting started building these skills and knowledge base.


Our team of subject matter experts and learning experience designers planned and participated in work sessions with Sphero to clarify and define the scope, sequence, and nature of the lesson collections we would develop. We then iterated and wrote seventy two lessons for grades 3-8. The three collections of lessons are broken out into nine themes which students can use to practice and build beginning, intermediate, and advanced computational thinking skills. In addition to developing the lessons, we field tested them with students to ensure their fidelity and revised them before delivering the three collections ready for publishing. As a support piece for these lessons, we created three printed facilitator guides, one for each collection of lessons, specifically designed to help educators facilitate and implement these lessons in a classroom setting.

Example use of the curriculum with iPad

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