Professional Learning Platform

Providing a platform with gated access to premium resources and online learning.


PBLWorks (formerly known as Buck Institute for Education) is a recognized authority on project based learning for more than 30 years; delivering professional development to over 20,000 teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders annually. Aside from a typical website, housing Project Based Learning (PBL) resources, blogs, and publications, PBLWorks had been delivering their offerings face-to-face, largely in a 3-day workshop and annual conference setting. With PBL in high demand, PBLWorks needed to scale their offerings. In partnership with PBLWorks, we crafted a vision to reach more educators through a digital platform with multiple capabilities, both public-facing and behind a password-protected site.


Based on our experience creating platforms and spaces for professional learning, PBLWorks hired us to architect, design, and build a platform for sharing a library of projects and resources, and create a means to facilitate online learning to supplement their face-to-face professional development. We created a platform, MyPBLWorks, that provides access to a searchable list of nearly 100 projects and dozens of PBL related resources, online companions for workshops (whether delivered virtually or face-to-face), and a collection of self-guided learning modules as follow up learning experiences for educators, school and district leaders, and instructional coaches.

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