International Society for Technology in Education

Interactive Online Learning Experiences

Creating dynamic self-guided learning experiences on Artificial Intelligence and making Future Ready Librarians.


ISTE (the International Society for Technology in Education) was looking to launch its online university called ISTE-U. The goal of ISTE-U is to create a collection of high-quality deep-learning experiences to help educators enhance their expertise and advance their careers. However, they had a very tight timeline in which to create the rich courses in order to debut the initiative at their annual conference in the summer of 2018. They needed a team with instructional design expertise and production capacity to rapidly develop and produce two online courses. One of these courses was an in-depth look at Artificial Intelligence and its potential in the education space, and the other was about helping education leaders grasp the vital role librarians play in furthering Future Ready goals.


Clarity collaborated with subject matter experts well-versed in the content to rapidly develop the instructional design, organize and condense the content, and make the self-guided learning experience interactive and visually appealing to educators. ISTE also had many additions, changes and revisions to the courses, so we worked closely with them to make these enhancements: often rethinking and rewriting extensive parts of the curriculum on the fly. The courses were designed and built with D2L Brightspace and H5P using proven project-based learning approaches so that participants could immerse themselves in the learning experience first-hand.

The ISTE-U course for educators covers important topics such as budgets, data and privacy, and infrastructure.