Clarity Heads North to Seattle for 2019 DrupalCon

Clarity Innovations Software Engineer Frank Anderson will be presenting his Real-Time Drupal or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Elixir session at the 2019 DrupalCon in Seattle. 

In his session, Frank will will explore the technologies and possibilities that building real-time web applications have to offer. The audience will leave with a general understanding of real-time web-applications and how they can enhance a digital experience, and that real-time web-applications are not out of their reach to achieve!

The 2019 DrupalCon—featuring all things Drupal, whether you’re a developer, designer, marketer or senior leader—will be held April 8th through 12th. Also in attendance will be Clarity Innovations Engineering Manager Greg Watson and Technical Producer Simone Wood, who will be attending the Accessibility Deep Dive Workshop to learn more about accessibility through real-world scenarios and hands-on activities.