Simone Wood

Technical Producer

Simone Wood oversees Clarity’s QA processes— testing iOS, Drupal, Android, and Windows 8-10 education-related apps and websites—and is our go-to for Drupal maintenance and theming support. Simone has worked as a technical producer on the Engineering team at Clarity Innovations for the last year, and before that as a contract Quality Assurance specialist. At Clarity, Simone is involved in a variety of projects to test for bugs and advocate for the end user. In this role, she coordinates with engineers and project leads to identify and assess bugs, feature requests, and overall usability.  In addition to quality assurance, she applies the regular security updates for Clarity’s the Drupal sites and assists in writing the CSS to implement website designs. 


Simone’s interests in technology and programming stem from their applications to education: convinced that immersive game environments, assistive technologies, tactile learning, AR/VR, and open source education are important tools suited for a variety of teaching and learning styles. Her innate curiosity had Simone teaching herself JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Simone also has invaluable classroom experience as a former assistant teacher: leading group activities in a first grade classroom. Simone’s passion for digital humanities and educational technology merged when she designed a 3D interactive model of a medieval religious text using Blender 3D: an open source design and modeling program with a built in game engine. Prior to Clarity, Simone has worked in open source data maintenance for public transportation agencies, and as a teacher at iD Tech, a technology and gaming summer program for K-12 students.

Degrees and/certifications held

  • BA, Religion, Reed College
  • Commendation for Academic Excellence, Reed College

Independent study

  • Systematic Program Design and Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications, Reed College
  • Python, SQL, and Ruby workshops at AdaCamp PDX