Amazon Web Services Strategic Consulting

Why Amazon Web Services ("AWS")?

As an early adopter of promising technologies, Clarity Innovations began researching and experimenting with AWS in 2010. The promise, functionality, and economics were undeniable. Within three years, we migrated nearly all of our technology infrastructure and our clients' hosted solutions to AWS.

Today, while most of the commercial industry has already adopted a cloud-first strategy for its technology infrastructure, we focus on helping educational institutions to also realize these benefits.

With the rapid innovation of its cloud-based services and competitive pricing, AWS provides significant value for educational institutions under pressure to optimize their service offerings and reduce costs. A well-designed and implemented migration plan makes this possible.


We provide custom solutions that integrate AWS services in a variety of areas, including:

  1. Cloud Migration Strategy: we work closely with your team to audit, assess, and evaluate your current infrastructure and make recommendations;
  2. Training for the Cloud: we develop custom, face-to-face and/or virtual training to help "skill-up" your IT staff;
  3. Cloud-first Application Development: custom application development using agile and DevOps practices; and,
  4. Infrastructure Support: migration of hosting of previously on-premise services.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

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