Our Values

A fundamental distinguishing characteristic of enduring great companies is that they preserve a cherished core ideology while simultaneously stimulating progress and change in everything else. Put differently, the competencies of each key value are the essence of how we work to achieve our mission.


  • Client Service Orientation. Focuses one's efforts on exceeding the client's expectations. It means taking personal responsibility for proactively communicating, understanding, monitoring, and resolving client needs, issues, questions, concerns and opportunities.
  • Accountability. Takes personal responsibility for all work activities and personal actions, implementing decisions that have been agreed upon, and acknowledging mistakes and failures without blaming others.
  • Dependability. Consistently produces high quality work with unfailing reliability. Can be counted on to get the job done and done well every time.
  • Respect. Demonstrates the ability to recognize, understand, accept and appreciate the value of workplace diversity; respects the practices, values, and points of view of other individuals and groups.
  • Interpersonal Skills. Interacts effectively with others using discretion, empathy and self-regulation when working toward resolution of divergent interests; recognizes and appreciates the quirky or unusual traits of others.


  • Clear Communication. Expresses oneself clearly and effectively when speaking and writing to individuals and groups; listens attentively and insures all parties involved understand communication; responds in a timely manner using appropriate methods.
  • Teamwork. Works cooperatively with others, contributes to and accepts group opinion, and understands that organizational and team goals take precedence over individual goals.
  • Analytical Thinking. Understands a situation, issue or problem separate from the individual personalities involved and uses proven practices and processes to apply sound judgment and recommend solutions.


  • Professional Expertise. Achieves a proficient level of ability or knowledge in job-related areas; continues to grow with the changing requirements of the job, and maintains an awareness and application of Clarity's policies, procedures and objectives in one's effort.
  • Developing Self. Takes pride in self, team, career and Clarity; shares expertise with others and learns new approaches in return; solicits performance related feedback to help identify areas of future growth.
  • Inquiry Driven. Pursues new ideas, technologies, and methods and responsibly questions existing practices to enhance our ability to achieve our shared vision for education.


  • Prioritization. Allocates and manages effort and resources effectively to accomplish project goals; collects and analyzes data, develops and implements plans, integrates complex project elements and follows-up by monitoring results of delegations and assignments.
  • Quality Assurance. Accomplishes tasks through concern for all aspects of the job, no matter how small. Accurately checks processes and tasks and follows up.
  • Efficiency. Utilizes time effectively for maximum performance. Completes activities/projects on or before scheduled deadlines with minimal errors and taking full advantage of the resources available.
  • Initiative. Anticipates and identifies problems, obstacles and opportunities and takes decisive action to address them; applies ingenuity to multiply one's effectiveness.


  • Innovation. Generates novel and imaginative contributions and solutions to problems, projects, processes and situations; uses unconventional thinking and ingenuity.
  • Problem Solving. Generates successful approaches to analyzing and resolving problems and makes good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment.
  • Adaptability. Adjusts to changing circumstances by altering attitudes and behaviors; displays resilience and flexibility in response to setbacks and stressful situations with energy and optimism.
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