The Return of Ed-tech Coast to Coast

August 24, 2020

Clarity culture

Nearly fifteen years ago, I gathered a few fellow education-technologists and practitioners including Tim Lauer, Will Richardson, and Tim Wilson to record a semi-regular podcast which we christened Ed-tech Coast to Coast.  Our goal was to experiment with the then “new” podcast format both from a technical and informational point of view. Legacy Ed-tech Coast to Coast logo

Over the course of the next year or so we recorded more than a dozen episodes and developed a bit of a niche following discussing topics including:

  • Equity and access;
  • Content filtering; and,
  • Open source projects.

Looking back on that list, it’s funny to think how many of those same issues are still at the forefront of education today.

Now, after a bit of a longer than expected hiatus, we’ve decided to restart Ed-tech Coast to Coast under the K-12 Blueprint brand. Recently, we posted the first of a two-part podcast on how technology, literally, can help save the lives of at-risk students and, in the coming months we’ve got a variety of guests and topics in the queue. Check it out and add it to your subscriptions!