Clarity team meeting in the conference room discussing a project

Working at Clarity

Picture this: A large room with windows overlooking the Willamette River and Downtown Portland. Our team working on the latest educational technology. Educators, designers, and engineers sharing a space and a cup of coffee.

Every day, we work with clients on challenging problems like:

  • Determining which features of a solution will give educators more flexible ways to foster student learning and engagement.
  • Building websites that help educators learn, plan their instruction, and find resources and colleagues to further their professional practice.
  • Designing  learning experiences for educators that lead to professional growth, confidence, and improved expertise with intentional technology integration.
  • Engineering complex system integrations to create seamless experiences for users.
  • Creating compelling visual and interactive designs that help convey and demonstrate complex concepts.
  • Developing apps that put usability, pedagogy, and instruction first, rather than bright-shiny features.
  • Scaling face-to-face professional development into a blended model that maintains its fidelity of implementation.

Tinker with educational technology

Careful where you walk as sometimes there are robots zipping by. Be mindful of the Rube Goldberg contraption with blinking lights. Our team—educators, developers, thinkers, designers, and writers—share one thing in common: we are all learners.  We collect and play with different technologies used in education and ask ourselves, “How can this be used to teach in ways never before possible?”.  It's no surprise then that lunch conversations sometimes become debates over the latest education technology trend or fad. 

Participate on committees

Committees help operate and improve the company overall. Some of the committees help manage things like facilities, the pantry of snacks, or our office plants (including a tower garden of year-round vegetables!), while others are for improving our sustainability, learning as a team, health and wellness, or diversity and inclusion.

Attend conferences and learn from others

Our identity as an education company means we are committed to everyone’s professional growth and learning. We have monthly Lunch & Learns about a variety of topics related to our work, recent industry events, or the education industry, with guest speakers quarterly.  In addition to sponsoring your membership in a chosen professional organization, we also support periodic enrollment in online courses and attendance at industry conferences to hone and expand your skills. 

Choose a charity to support each year

Each year, we make a donation to a non-profit that has a mission in a field related to ours, to give back to our local community. Everyone can nominate an organization and the team collectively decides the recipient during our annual year-end All-Hands Week (a week of internal meetings, activities, and down time to celebrate the year).  Past recipients include Friends of Outdoor School, Community Transitional School,, Right Brain Initiative, Girls Who Code, Thinkersmith, Techbridge, MercyCorps. 

Flex your schedule to balance work and life

Life doesn’t always happen only on the weekends. We provide everyone the flexibility to set and adjust their work schedule to make room for appointments, volunteering activities, or everyday things like picking up kids from school.  All of this is made possible without having to take any paid time off.

Feel like you belong to a team on a mission

We are committed to nurturing an inclusive, creative, and collaborative workplace that values the diversity of perspectives, values, and experiences each of us bring to the team. We do this through regular lunch & learns that help us uncover and recognize our biases, understand inclusive design for accessibility, practice our Clarity competencies, and make actionable the tenants of universal design for learning.

Our Values

We prefer candidates that share an affinity with our core values:

  • Professionalism: We honor the trust of others, have integrity in ourselves, and uphold the credibility of our team.
  • Collaboration: We share enthusiasm for our teamwork, and appreciate openness and humor in the process.
  • Knowledge: We encourage and support continuous improvement in our processes, our clients, and ourselves.
  • Productivity: We focus on the outcome, never leave value on the table, and emphasize effective uses of resources and effort.
  • Creativity: We share a curiosity in and dedication to innovation and take pride in attuning to and accepting a constant pace of change.