Zenzi Ali

Technical Producer (QA)

Agility. Advocacy. Efficiency. Affinity. Amazing things happen when engineering and humanity come together. Zenzi understands the power of high-quality engineering products and their significant role in driving the modern world. But she also understands the need for clear communication when developing and implementing this technology so that it can better serve very human needs such as education.

Every day, Zenzi immerses herself in real-world applications of technology, and spearheads projects through the entire development cycle, including testing. In the process, she has acquired a sterling reputation for quality pull requests, expertly written bug reports, and test plans that result in phenomenal improvements in product quality.

Before joining Clarity, Zenzi managed a community of new technologists (providing code and assignment reviews);  created, optimized, and automated unit tests; sharpened her communication skills while working as an Executive Assistant; used Agile methodologies to plan, iterate, and execute tasks within cross-functional teams; and implemented testing processes with startups and large organizations alike.


Zenzi helped develop a community-based hub for self-taught developers with heightened security features; created quizzes with responsive CSS design and modern accessibility features; created social networking and note-taking apps; and refactored a personal data management system. She even contributes to The Code for Philly Front End Fellowship, supporting technology to help Philadelphia eliminate food waste.  

For Clarity, Zenzi merges her troubleshooting experience and test craftsmanship with her passion for refining processes and collaboration, to ensure that every edtech solution Clarity creates is as streamlined, secure, and useable as possible. It’s all part of her desire to help solve human challenges—such as those facing education—through the latest, most efficient means.

Education and/or certifications held

  • Full-Stack Engineering Immersive, Thinkful
  • English, Ursinus College
  • Programming Foundations: Software Testing/QA, LinkedIn Learning
  • Learning React.js, LinkedIn Learning