Rich Dixon

Rich Dixon

Creative Services Manager

While many edtech professionals ponder the “how” of a project, Rich has always been more fascinated by the “why”: Why is a learner seeking to grow? Why are they struggling? Why is one learner not given the same chances as another?  
With over 25+ years as a teacher, administrator, staff developer, IT director, and curriculum coordinator, Rich is a champion of student-centric learning that promotes educational equity.  He is also a national speaker who has presented on a range of emerging edtech topics, including OER, digital badges, and technology-enhanced pedagogy.
As Clarity’s Creative Services Manager, Rich actively promotes an interdisciplinary approach to learning: one that unlocks opportunities for all learners to be successful both now and in the future. He motivates and challenges our talented team of creative professionals to create the best, most meaningful edtech experiences possible: driving collaboration and knowledge sharing every step of the way.


Before leading Clarity’s Creative Services team, Rich was the Senior Director of Innovative Learning of Hāpara where he led a variety of projects including using Open Education Resources (OER) to promote more equitable learning experiences. He has also served as Director of Online Learning at PBLWorks/Buck Institute for Education—creating professional development that focused on Project Based Learning—and was a faculty member of the Education Innovation Alliance and Lecturer in the Graduate School of Education at UC Santa Barbara.
When Rich isn’t surfing the web to stay on top of the latest industry updates, he can often be found literally surfing at one of his favorite beaches in Santa Barbara, California.

Education and/or certifications held

  • BA, Elementary Education, Westmont College
  • MA, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
  • Edtech Week - Industry Insider Certification
  • Agile Instructional Design Certificate
  • UDL Level I Certification
  • SIIA CODiE judge