Clarity Sponsoring EdTechWomen PDX Meetup

Clarity Innovations is sponsoring the next meetup of the Portland chapter of EdTechWomen, a national organization inspired by women’s influence in the field of education. EdTechWomen brings together women and their supporters across the vast education ecosystem and gives them a place to connect through the values of community, inclusivity, visibility, and impact. Speaking at the meetup on July 31, 2014 is James Keller.

James is a designer who enjoys blurring lines between physical and digital experiences. After leading Wieden+Kennedy's digital strategy team, she left to cofound SmallSociety, a mobile agency that created the first wave of native mobile apps for Starbucks, Zipcar, and Amazon. In 2012, Small Society was acquired by WalMartLabs. Today, James continues to help define the next generation of mobile retail experiences.