Steve Burt To Attend Adobe MAX 2019

Clarity Innovations Director of Strategy Steve Burt will be attending this year’s annual Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, California from November 2nd-6th.

Adobe MAX is like a mental spa day for creatives: a chance to have your skills and process utterly rejuvenated with fresh inspiration. With speakers and presenters as diverse as M. Night Shyamalan, David LaChapelle, and Shantell Martin to Dave Grohl, John Mulaney and Vampire Weekend, the scene is set for creative revelations. Read more about Steve Burt To Attend Adobe MAX 2019

OER: An Approach for Teachers White Paper

Open Educational Resources, or OER, is a movement that has become synonymous with a sentiment of sharing in the education world. But what exactly is OER, and how is it different than the informal environment of openness and fair use in the field of teaching and learning? It turns out that everyone has a different definition.

This white paper developed by Clarity Innovations help to both tease out a usable definition and provide a guide for schools, districts, and educators interested in the Open Education Resources movement. Read more about OER: An Approach for Teachers White Paper

IoT in Education: Landscape Review

As technology continues to evolve, computers grow smaller and more power efficient. This means that computing devices can be embedded into all sorts of objects, from household items to clothing. For these computing devices to communicate, they must connect in some way. Those connections and small devices are collectively referred to as the "Internet of Things."

Read more about IoT in Education: Landscape Review

Math Clock, by the Math Learning Center

Math Clock helps students become fluent working with time. Learners use analog clocks with geared or free-moving hands to learn how to tell time, explore jumps with count by numbers, and visualize story problems involving intervals of time. By placing and shading fraction overlays, students use the clock to contextualize fractions with frequently used denominators.