Steve Burt to Present at NCCE

Clarity Director of Strategy Steve Burt will be at this year’s NCCE in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday, March 4th to present Esports in K-12: Opportunities and Options. The session will explore the esports trend and how it is emerging in K-12. Attendees will leave with a strong of understanding of the many ways esports can benefit students, along with practical steps in how to get started.

"While still rapidly evolving, the esports industry is now mature enough to include niches for almost anyone with any affinity toward gaming, no matter their age, interest, or level of enthusiasm,” Steve says. "It’s no surprise, then, that this popularity has trickled down to K-12 schools. In fact, many high schools are adopting a gradual approach to implementing an esports program.”

NCCE (The Northwest Council for Computer Education) will be held from March 4th to March 6th. There will be nearly 60 STEM/STEAM sessions and workshops, as well as a variety of full-day summits, grappling with topics such as Digital Citizenship and the Neuroscience of Learning.

For more information on esports, download Leagues of Learning: The Rising Tide of Esports in Education and Career Technical Education and Esports from the K-12 Blueprint.