Visually Representing Student-Centered Classrooms

September 7, 2011

Student-centered instruction

A few weeks back one of our clients hired us to help them create a visual representation of traditional, teacher-centered classrooms and the transition to a more student-centered classroom. Initially, we focused on the pedagogical shift that needs to take place on the part of the teachers and their students. As a result we came up with the following wireframe (a basic oultine of the content before the final polish and graphic development)  model of a student-centered classroom: 



While I fully admit that this doesn't entirely capture the shift - in particular the details of things like how curriculum most be modified - less drill and kill and fewer worksheets, I do think it provides a simple diagram of the information and participation flow of a student-centered classroom. 

Moreover, one of the most interesting concepts are the various factors that must effect the Content > Process > Product of the learnings of a student.