Personas for an Unplanned Future of Learning

September 28, 2020

Product management
User experience

On the eve of the ASU+GSV Education Summit and as a public service to the edtech industry, we've published the first collection of personas we regularly turn to when working with clients new to the edtech market to help them understand the diverse roles in education, especially with the rapid shift to remote delivery of teaching and learning. 

Role of Personas in Product Development

We refer to personas at different times during our product development process with clients.  It might be during the technical design, when we're evaluating and prioritizing features and functionality to make sure we're solving the highest priority problem for users, or later on during wireframing and user experience design to make sure we're not over-complicating an interface. They are even used during content development processes, to make sure the content created is aligned with the context of the intended audience.

Whether determining the buyers, influencers, or users, a successful product or service is built on knowing the priorities, challenges, needs, and influences of each.  Though this collection of personas is a static document, the ones we use with our clients are living documents, updated by regular research in the field. Expect to see several more added to the public collection over the next several weeks.