Our five Twitter Takeaways from OETC's 2017 IntegratED

Last week, we attended IntegratED PDX, an educational conference sponsored by OETC. From the opening Keynote featuring Sunni Brown to the closing address by Lodge McCammon, the sessions were packed with practical ways to be on the cutting-edge of teaching. Here are our 5 Twitter Takeaways from our time there! Click on the embedded Tweets to check out our favorite speakers, investigate their resources, and learn more about their methods, and follow us @clarityinnov8!

1. Sunni Brown, founder of the #doodlerevolution, gave an opening Keynote about losing your “learning junk” and “identifying your inner narrators,” allowing us to focus on what holds us back from taking the leap of learning. @SunniBrownInk



2.  Melissa Lim saturated us with plenty of resources for using Google Apps to Differentiate Learning, and then walked the walk by letting us choose our own PD adventure with quiet work-time. @actionhero



3. Melissa Pelochino taught us that Empathy, Design Thinking, and the Common Core can all flourish in the classroom with the right driving text. @mpelochino



4. Derek Runberg and Jeff Branson with Sparkfun Education taught us that coding in the classroom can bolster your existing curriculum. We build a data-gathering Arduino to measure light in the classroom for a ready-to-import data file. @JeffBranson1



5. Dr. Lodge McCammon kicked off his closing Keynote with a video of himself, and didn’t stop there: we watched him (literally) sing, dance, and play guitar, and we even joined in! He taught us that 1-take videos save us hours in the classroom, and that when we’re up and moving, our brains are seriously lighting up! @pocketlodge



Our next professional development will take place at SXSW—let us know if we'll see you there, and if not, what PD you're looking forward to!

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