Adobe Max 2015: The Good News

Last month I attended Adobe MAX 2015, The Creativity Conference, in Los Angeles. It is one of the largest creative conferences with approximately 7,000 attendees who came from all over the world. Hands-on labs, workshops, and sessions focused on the latest Adobe updates to its CC desktop and mobile apps, and many inspiring guest creatives presented their experiences and portfolios. My new hero: Bonnie Siegler, Eight and a Half, shared an honest real approach to the power of presenting and listening to clients.

The 2015 events main focus was mobile. The edges of the conference floor celebrated the Maker movement combining Adobe products with various craft projects. This outer ring added a layer of fun to the standard sales pitches in the center.

My fave: Creative Sync will sync libraries with saved font styles, color palettes, and imagery across apps and devices. For example, I can make a sketch on my tablet in Adobe Comp, import graphics and set styles. Then, on my laptop, I can open that same exported file and all the assets will show up automatically. As a designer the efficiency is blissful and leaves more time to foster my creative concepts.

Other newbies: Lightroom Mobile is now free and uses Dehaze with and in-app camera. Lightroom Mobile also has color and black and white editing options for quicker photo manipulations. Adobe Capture is a now a combination of the Color, Brush, Shape and Hue apps — much to many digital photographers delight.

At the end of the conference I felt as though I had been trained (or brainwashed?) as an Adobe apostle to spread the good news. Converted, yet inspired, I offer this information as a starting point for any creative seeking quick solutions. Go forth and spread the news: the Adobe gods have blessed us once again!

In August 2019, Elizabeth Marquis joined our extended network of alumni.