OER: An Approach for Teachers White Paper

Open Educational Resources, or OER, is a movement that has become synonymous with a sentiment of sharing in the education world. But what exactly is OER, and how is it different than the informal environment of openness and fair use in the field of teaching and learning? It turns out that everyone has a different definition.

This white paper developed by Clarity Innovations help to both tease out a usable definition and provide a guide for schools, districts, and educators interested in the Open Education Resources movement.

Specifically, it addresses the following key questions:

  1. In the education world, borrowing and remixing is common among teachers, yet how can we be sure in this information age that we are doing so while giving credit to the creators of content?
  2. How can we utilize the collective effort of fellow educators, incorporating bits and pieces of knowledge and collateral into our classrooms, all while modeling appropriate treatment of others’ intellectual property?
  3. More practically, how can we be sure we aren’t “reinventing the wheel,” and when we do, how can we help our fellow educators benefit from our work?