IoT in Education: Landscape Review

As technology continues to evolve, computers grow smaller and more power efficient. This means that computing devices can be embedded into all sorts of objects, from household items to clothing. For these computing devices to communicate, they must connect in some way. Those connections and small devices are collectively referred to as the "Internet of Things."

Internet of Things (IoT) technology in education represents an enormous opportunity (and, to some, threat) for schools to collect valuable data and use this data to enhance the learning experience. The capabilities of “smart” objects – such as desks, light fixtures, or fitness bands — have the potential to support both teachers and students in meeting learning goals. IoT also has the potential to improve school operations overall by solving a wide array of challenges facing educational institutions, from logistics to administration to student life.

This survey paper, developed by Clarity Innovations during the Fall of 2016, provides an introduction to IoT and offers a glimpse into how it may affect education.