Education Market Personas

Personas are fictional characters that are used to represent user needs and behaviors. We use them as part of our design and discovery process to help flesh out those needs, challenges, opportunities, and goals. We believe personas are one of the key elements of the user experience design process and frequently uncover aspects of a proposed product or service that may not have been defined until much later during development. Read more

Personalized Learning: A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology

Written for today’s educators and administrators, this book explains the concepts behind personalized learning, and the strategies, policies, devices, services, techniques and resources available to transform teaching (and learning) into something more relevant, more powerful, and more rewarding. This guide describes how to transform the learning environment and empower students of different backgrounds, interests, and ability levels to champion their educational success.

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Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success

The adoption of active learning techniques means discarding the traditional notion of what a “classroom” is and developing a new type of contemporary learning space: one that is more flexible, agile adaptive and equipped with technology to both personalize and expand conditions for learning. The comprehensive research, real-world examples, insights and exercises contained within the pages of Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success provide that crucial first step for any educator or administrator looking to support today’s learners with active learning concepts that will best prepare them for tomorrow’s world.

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