Understanding the trends for a new class of devices in schools

Seeing beyond bright shiny objects to understand the driving forces of emerging market trends

Always knowing where the K-12 education market is headed is essential for long term success. Seeing a shift in recent trends, we knew something bigger was going on, so we began reaching out through our extended network to investigate. It didn't take long for one of our larger clients to see the same, and asked us to dive deep to understand the underlying cause and opportunity it represents.


Within the first year of the introduction of the Google Chromebook, sales began to accelerate in the K-12 education market, piquing the interest of several within the sales and marketing groups of the education team at a Fortune 100 company. The challenge was existing market research didn’t explain this industry-specific interest in the devices or why it continued to grow when all other market data suggested otherwise. Seeking to understand this better, our client asked us to research and document the underlying causes of this industry-specific anomaly, what advantages and disadvantages Chromebooks have within the K-12 education market, and what ways educators are using this device differently than laptops or tablets for teaching and learning.


Clarity Innovations conducted market research, performed analysis and published a series of internal white papers and presentations about Chromebooks. The scope included conducting interviews with educators and technology coordinators, doing device and feature comparisons, developing use case scenarios, and performing SWOT and gap analyses. We also summarized the outcomes and recommendations from our research and prepared presentation slides for internal distribution.


The analysis has given our client clear insight into the causes, trends, and outcomes for using Chromebooks in the K-12 education market.