Spark Exemplars

Helping educators integrate use of Adobe Spark by engaging them with a collection of real classroom examples.


Since the launch of the Adobe Spark for Education suite of free digital creativity tools, Adobe has seen a sudden uptake of sign-ups in the K-12 market. This interest was poised to reach hundreds of thousands of students as they returned to school in August of 2018. One of the challenges was in helping educators to connect the dots in terms of how to best utilize Adobe Spark in their real-world workflows. For educators—who are understandably strapped for time and pressured to increase student achievement—the best way to showcase the advantages is to see it in action, ideally in the hands of a respected peer. What was needed was a way of engaging educators with examples of what is possible with Adobe Spark for specific disciplines and grade levels. If not relevant, any attempt to extol the benefits of integrating Spark into their curriculum would be ignored. spoke to specific interests across a diverse range of products, use cases, contexts, content areas, and grade levels.


Our team connected with a broad network of educators to guide them through the process of culling their most successful and dynamic examples of Adobe Spark use in the classroom and writing them up in an easily shareable format. The exemplars ran the gamut from social studies, math, english and science, and provided compelling projects for most every grade level. We curated the collection for the best exemplars of Post, Video, and Page—the three multimedia tools that make up the Adobe Spark suite— and published the Spark Exemplars onto the Adobe Education Exchange.