Finding the best mobile product strategy

A comprehensive review and deep audit led to a dynamic mobile learning strategy for comprehensive interactive instruction

Skills Tutor provides supplemental online learning and curriculum solutions for math, science and language arts in the K-12 space. The company was looking to develop a mobile strategy. We conducted a comprehensive content audit—to see what could be repurposed and revitalized with more interactivity and what components could evolve into mobile apps—along with a thorough market analysis, product audit and provided technical advice.


Having invested significant effort in developing a web-based solution for providing individualized interactive instruction using a comprehensive collection of high-quality supplemental learning materials in several content areas and across multiple grade levels, SkillsTutor sought out our advice and expertise to determine how best to bring their product to a mobile learning platform.


We began with a concise review and analysis of near- and long-term goals for the mobile application and its audiences, influencers and buyers. We discussed mobile business and licensing models, identified implementation dependencies (internal and external), and audited existing instructional content to determine its suitability for migrating to a multi-touch environment.


As a result of our effort, SkillsTutor gained the expertise and knowledge necessary to inform their strategic decision-making, have insight into promising opportunities for future product offerings, and benefit from access to a team of advisors with a deep understanding of the nuances of mobile learning.