Serving the underserved with technology

Developing a rich and intuitive free resource aggregator for parents, students, and teachers who—though unfamiliar to technology—seek to incorporate it in their daily lives.

We helped Tech Goes Home—a Boston-based nonprofit organization that focuses on tackling barriers to technology adoption and Internet access—to expand their successful program nation-wide: virtualizing materials and simplifying interaction so that parents, students and teachers new to technology could take advantage of 21st-century learning and opportunity. The National Tech Goes Home website offered free resources categorized by work, school, finance, personal wellness, and cultural and recreational opportunities to help visitors make the most of their increased access to technology.


Founded in 2000, Tech Goes Home is an award-winning initiative by Open Air Boston that provides under-served residents the opportunity, tools, education, and access required for 21st century skills development. Our task was to take their hands-on program—free training sessions conducted by TGH staff members—and turn it into a self-sustaining online resource with nation-wide relevance.


National Tech Goes Home offered free resources for parents, students, and teachers who want to use technology in their daily lives. The intended audience for the site was—for the most part—new to technology, so these resources and tutorials needed to be intuitively accessed. So we created an engaging, easy-to-use resource aggregator tool that took Tech Goes Home Boston’s initial content categories—LIVE for personal wellness, LEARN for self-directed online learning, EARN for managing spending and saving, WORK for becoming college and career ready, and PLAY for finding cultural and recreational opportunities—and made them instantly accessed and easily utilized.


Following the website’s launch, many more resources were added, and a National Tech Goes Home Resource Finder app and Chrome Extension were created. A Spanish-language version of the National Tech Goes Home website was developed to help further the original mission of Open Air Boston to serve the US’s most vulnerable populations by tackling the entrenched barriers to technology adoption and Internet access. After its three year run, it was decommissioned in April 2017.