Professional Learning Platform

Providing a platform with gated access to premium resources and online learning


PBLWorks (formerly known as Buck Institute for Education) is a recognized authority on project based learning for more than 30 years; delivering professional development to over 20,000 teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders annually. Aside from a typical website, housing Project Based Learning (PBL) resources, blogs, and publications, PBLWorks had been delivering their offerings face-to-face, largely in a 3-day workshop and annual conference setting. With PBL in high demand, PBLWorks needed to scale their offerings. In partnership with PBLWorks, we crafted a vision to reach more educators through a digital platform with multiple capabilities, both public-facing and behind a password-protected site.


Based on our experience creating platforms and spaces for professional learning, PBLWorks hired us to architect, design, and build a platform for sharing a library of projects and resources, and create a means to facilitate online learning to supplement their face-to-face professional development. We created a platform, MyPBLWorks, that is integrated with an LMS to provide access to resources and tools for teachers, school and district leaders, and instructional coaches. MyPBLWorks offers:

  • Access to a library of almost 100 Gold Standard Projects
  • Online companions for face-to-face workshops (and virtual, during COVID) to support 100 PBLWork’s expert National Faculty
  • A series of 12 self-guided modules on specific topics related to Project Based Learning
  • Two 8-week facilitated courses for educators to further their learning on PBL
  • A project design tool to customize or create a project

The professional development facilitated and self-paced courses include the use of interactive tools to engage learners in both self-guided and collaborative work—synchronous and asynchronous, such as: online discussions, open-ended questions, reflective journals, word clouds, branching scenarios, interactive videos, and formative assessment activities, for example: drag and drop quizzes. Through these engaging experiences, learners deepen their understanding of PBL and learn how powerful it can be for boosting achievement and addressing educational equity.  

In front of the LMS sits the PBLWorks marketing website and our work included integrating with a frontend marketing website, a backend workflow for provisioning services to school districts, incorporating ecommerce with Shopify, and building a project designing tool that reinforces the best practices in project-based learning (PBL), allowing users to adapt “Gold Standard” PBL units and create their own projects using the flexible project design tool. 

Clarity helped PBLWorks realize their vision of building capacity of more educators to facilitate quality Project Based Learning to deepen students’ learning and achieve success in college, career, and life.