Preparing Leadership for Technology-Infused Teaching and Learning

Blended, interactive professional development for one of the largest districts in the U.S.


In 2014, the fourth-largest school district in the US embarked on a long-term investment in one-to-one mobile devices for students, teachers, and school administrators as part of a strategic goal to improve engagement, quality of learning, and academic outcomes district-wide. Knowing that training would be key to the success of the initiative, the district sought help in developing a professional development program for several hundred administrators and staff.


We constructed and delivered a series of full-day interactive blended learning experiences to support the exploration and discussion by school leaders. Teams reviewed best practices, examined leadership behaviors, and developed strategies to better support their teachers. Throughout the sessions, they developed plans that prioritized their needs and the actions necessary to support the district’s strategic goals. Almost 800 principals, assistant principals, media specialists, and instructional support staff from nearly 400 schools participated.