Optimizing the professional development experience

Just-in-time professional development for educators seeking to improve their professional practice long after that initial orientation at the beginning of the school year.

DreamBox Learning is well known for its best-in-class adaptive learning product for supplemental math instruction. Sometimes though, because of the large number of priorities educators juggle day to day, it's easy to lose track of the important details of how and when to use it successfully in their classroom. For this reason, DreamBox Learning came to us for assistance with optimizing and publishing a self-guided training tutorial that covers the essential best practices.


While the product has been well received and proven its efficacy, an ongoing challenge has been providing customers professional development opportunities beyond the initial implementation support that comes at the beginning of a school year. DreamBox hired Clarity Innovations to provide the expertise and production capacity necessary to help implement a new series of just-in-time training materials to be hosted on an online learning platform for their customers.


Working from wireframe storyboards of the training material provided by DreamBox Learning, we produced a set of modular mobile-friendly interactive learning objects using Adobe Captivate. These were assembled into a scope and sequence suitable for delivery as self-guided instruction or as blended/facilitated learning within their online learning platform.


The first course, Getting Started With DreamBox Learning, launched in the fall of 2014.