Mobile Learning Content Audit

Having a deep understanding of how mobile devices afford a new approach to instructional design, Microsoft called on Clarity Innovations to help a major publisher evaluate several of its curricula for creating a mobile device friendly learning experience.

Impressed with the educational mobile applications we built for Windows 8, Microsoft asked whether we could help them with another project. In this case, it was to help a large publisher evaluate whether their existing online curricula products could be optimized for the features of Windows 8, and, in the process, enhance the instructional design for a mobile learning experience.


With so much about Windows 8 enhancing the user's experience, Microsoft wanted to make sure the education market was able to take advantage of the new operating system. This required investing significant effort helping publishers learn and apply the benefits to their products and services for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices using Windows 8. Having allocate all its in-house resources, Microsoft engaged Clarity Innovations to assist with the task.


We started by creating a set of user personas and defining rubrics for the technical and instructional design evaluations, which focused on user experience using touch, click, and pen interactions. We then conducted detailed sampling of lessons in the scope and sequence of the content from the multiple curricula of the large publisher. Finally, we compiled results and delivered a detailed report on each of the five curricula. Each report included a summary of various elements of the evaluation results, as well as recommendations on key instructional design issues.


Microsoft shared the analysis and recommendations with the large publisher to inform their process of revising their products for Windows 8, the first of which were launched to educational customers in Spring 2015.