Mobile App Strategy

A mobile product launch strategy and technical review merged to help bring about the next-generation of science-based learning

PASCO is the global expert in 21st century science education.  But even this global science education innovator needed help in bringing its dynamic science curriculum to smart phones and tablet devices.


While PASCO Scientific is no stranger to innovation, having introduced one first science apps for the iPhone back in 2009, it hadn’t anticipated the implications it would have on its product strategy.


After a concise review of their situation with the existing SPARKvue app, we provided expertise regarding the education audience and informed how best to accommodate user interface differences between mobile devices and computers so that full parity of functionality would be achieved across all devices. Facing the complexity of maintaining parity of features across multiple versions of code and platforms, PASCO scientific requested our expertise to clarify their mobile product strategy.


We addressed PASCO Scientific’s technical considerations as well as identified and qualified a third-party developer with the expertise necessary to engineer and deliver an entirely new version of their app, SPARKvue HD, for iOS and Android tablet devices. The app launched in August 2012. Meanwhile, we work closely with PASCO scientific management to bring into focus a clear product strategy for the next generation of mobile learning devices.