Making sense of big data to inform classroom instruction

A robust backend data collection and reporting system for a dynamic online curriculum to help at-risk teens succeed

ScholarCentric offers assessments for children at a high risk of dropping out of school. We engineered a system where ScholarCentric could take those assessments and provide reports to schools about the make-up of their students while also providing reports to individual students, showing how they compare to other students. It’s a great program: completely relational, where the students work with mentors or teachers during the course of year.


Having launched its innovative Success Highways curriculum, ScholarCentric sought out our expertise to help build and maintain the backend data collection, analysis and reporting systems.


After conducting an initial technical analysis, we performed mission-critical fixes to the legacy system as a stopgap measure while engineering a robust replacement solution. This included developing a new data validation and storage engine and a flexible report generating front-end. For the SBIR grant, we developed the underlying content delivery tool and interactive multimedia elements of the instructional content jointly developed with ScholarCentric.


The replacement data engine and reporting tool addressed all discrepancies and limitations of the original. The new tool has been used for several thousand-student assessments since its launch in of 2011. Pleased with the results, ScholarCentric has selected us to perform the technical implementation of a Small Business Innovation Research (“SBIR”) grant from the U.S. Department of Education to study different models of online content delivery for the Success Highways curriculum.