Enabling professional learning by school administrators

A blended learning-focused online community shaped by shrewd program design and made to share

We created a collaborative website for education technology practitioners to meet, exchange information, share resources such as strategies and lesson plans, and even form groups and community sites. We customized an open-source learning management system and created special tools and features that made it work for their unique organizational needs.


eNetColorado provides one-stop-shopping for all of Colorado’s educators and school administrators looking for professional development offerings, resources and materials about the effective use of technology in teaching and learning. eNetColorado hired us to overhaul their blended-learning pilot course, which was based on the Intel Teach Elements Project-Based Approaches self-paced eLearning course. Our firsthand knowledge of the materials, instructional pedagogy and our technical acumen were why eNetColorado chose us to help expand the blended-learning program to serve as a national model for others.


We started with an overhaul of their existing LMS by implementing best practices, adding modules and creating a custom theme. From there we developed the new course and led the pilot and training sessions for their instructors. Our scope grew to include training and consulting about online instructional methods and best practices for collaboration.


The overhauled learning platform improved the user experience and achieved higher enrollment. Engagement was extended to provide additional instructional design expertise, consulting and support while eNetColorado expand the use of the overhauled platform for other courses.