Distinctly Positioning PD That's Ready to Run

Equipping a professional development solution with the dynamic sales enablement tools it needed to make a splash.

Clarity helped Nearpod to realize its strategic objective of increasing awareness and use of Ready to Run PD to support educator professional development across the curriculum in the K-12 education market.


Nearpod’s Ready to Run PD is a robust collection of over two-dozen learning sessions designed in partnership with leading content experts. Local leaders simply choose a lesson, review it, personalize it, and then facilitate powerful collective inquiry experiences. While free pilots of Ready to Run had been well received, a challenge loomed: scaling implementation to paying customers. To make headway with individual demos to schools, Nearpod needed more comprehensive materials to help their sales team to secure large-scale implementations. It was essential for the success of Ready to Run to overcome the often negative assumptions surrounding teacher professional development and promote its entirely new approach in a clear and compelling way. 


Launching a new product without adequately communicating key attributes in ways a particular audience will understand slows product adoption considerably. So Clarity addressed Nearpod’s immediate need in three crucial areas:

• The creation of Buyer personas, needs, and contexts
• Sales enablement content for customer dialogue
• A concise and impactful one-sheet brochure

These sales enablement materials empower the Nearpod Ready to Run sales team to make sales independently: essential to their success in winning adoptions within larger educational institutions.


Our experience and depth of knowledge helped support Nearpod Ready to Run in both traditional and creative ways: helping to distinctly position the company's innovative offering well outside of both their competitors and industry expectations.