Digital Curriculum Platform

Delivering an online platform that transforms curriculum development, licensing, and distribution 


Mikva Challenge worked with us in 2019-20 to plan their phased digital transformation for products and services. At the time, Mikva delivered their curricula to educators by mailing spiral-bound copies from inventory or through a print-on-demand vendor; several products had not been revised or rebranded over time due to operational constraints. Research and analysis showed that a new web-based offering for their curricula would better integrate with remote and hybrid instructional models, empower Mikva's internal teams to enhance and distribute always-up-to-date materials, and integrate both content access controls and user analytics.


We kicked off the project with Mikva officially in the third quarter of 2020 and launched the new platform in the second quarter of 2021.

Using Mikva’s existing print curricula, we created a content model that addressed the core structure and components of their instructional material and built the corresponding Drupal system for online content development and publishing. We also designed and engineered a licensing model to control institutional (e.g., school district) and individual teacher access to paid products. We introduced both free and freemium content to drive SEO and push registrations by prospective users and buyers of licensed material. Finally, we applied Mikva’s brand guidelines as well as easy-to-use navigation features and messaging to promote a coherent user experience when teachers come to the platform from Mikva’s main web site.

With the first phase of their digital transformation complete, Mikva Challenge could confidently launch the new platform for educators attending their summer professional learning institutes in 2021.